'Morten' Screened at IFI Family Festival 2018

Neil Delamere pictured at the ‘Captain Morten’ screening as part of Irish Film Institute Family Festival August 31st – September 2nd. 

Young Morten’s life with his cruel aunt is not so happy and he dreams of joining his father at sea. One day, he is mysteriously transformed to the size of an insect, aboard a tiny boat in his aunt’s café. As the water rises, Morten and his insect crew struggle bravely to save the ship. Before returning to normal size, Morten has to grow up very quickly! Highly original, exciting and fun, this is a salty tale with a difference.

Captain Morten is Ireland’s first stop-motion feature animation, created by talented animators from the west of Ireland, Estonia, Wales and Belgium. Six years in the making, the film has an amazing array of characters and an all-Irish voice cast. Models used in the making of the film were on display during the festival.