Galway company Telegael expands its services to include Audio Description

Today marks the official launch of Audio Description (AD) services by Galway company TMI, which is part of the Telegael Group. AD is an extra sound track on a TV show or film. When it’s turned on, you will hear a narrator describing the images, landscape and characters currently on screen. It does not overlap with the dialogue of the original show. People who have a visual impairment or who are blind are the main consumers of AD. 

In the past, people could only really access AD on the DVDs of very successful films. But now, with the advent of digital TV and online video streaming services, combined with a greater global commitment to accessibility, Audio Description has become much more widely available.

About the Company

TMI is part of the Telegael Group. In addition to subtitling, live translation subtitling and surtitling (captions for theatres), our expansion into audio description marks yet another service provided by TMI which increases accessibility to TV shows and movies, bringing them to an even wider audience.