Year 2005
Duration 26 x 26 minutes
Executive Producers Paul Cummins, Christian Davin, Clément Calvet, Ralph Christians, Theresa Plummer Andrews.
Associate Producers Lilian Eche, Eric Hsu, Frances Uí Chuimín.
Porducers Siobhán Ní Ghadhra, Moe Honan.
Director Luc Vinciguerra
International Distributor Alphanim
Type Childrens Animation
Production Partners Alphanim, France; Magma Films, Ireland & Canal J, France.

Rictus and Funerella are a couple of zombies, perfectly respectable, polite and caring, but zombies. They own an old spooky hotel in a distant and remote part of the world. They have two children: Maggot and Fungus, and employ several people to help them run the place.

Unfortunately business is slow and the few permanent residents that live at the hotel are not enough to keep the hotel afloat. What could be the reason for this lack of success? The few new guests that arrive usually leave after a couple of hours and all of them run out screaming after they have had their first – and last – meal at the in-house restaurant. Maybe the explanation could come from the fact that all the characters living and working in the hotel are, in the eyes of the outside world, somewhat strange………….!

Zombie Hotel

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