Year 2006
Duration 52 x 13 minutes
Executive Producer Paul Cummins, Fred Schaefer, Gilbert Hus, Bruce D. Johnson, William T. Baumann, Philippe Lenget.
Producer Siobhán Ghadhra
Director Patrick Claeys
Distributor Ireland Telegael
Type Childrens Animation
Production Partners Porchlight Entertainment, USA; Pictor Media, France & Agogo, China.
Series Broadcasters include: TG4, Ireland; France 3, Nickelodeon Australia, Nickelodeon Asia, Disney Italy.

Telegael teamed up with PorchLight Entertainment and with French producer Pictor Media to co-produce FOUR EYES, this exciting animated television series about an alien girl EMMA who is attending a boarding school on earth. FOUR EYES was created by Darryl Kluskowski.

Four Eyes

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