Aontel Outside Broadcast is a subsidiary of Telegael and has been providing outside broadcast facilities in Ireland and the UK since 1999.

Aontel Credits include:

  • U2 at Slane
  • Witness
  • 02 in the Park
  • Faenol Festival
  • World Sheepdog Trials
  • Ardán

Outside Broadcast Unit – Technical Features
40′ Digital Unit. Up to 12 Sony BVP 570P on Triax. 16:9/4:3 Switchable. 8 VTRs. Digital or Analogue Editing configurable as required

Sony DVS7250, 2ME + PGM/PST. 16:9/4:3 Switchable. Sony DME3000, Sony 20″PGM/PVW Monitors 16:9/4:3. 9″ Colour Source Monitors 16:9/4:3. Aston Ethos Dual Channel.

Soundcraft Series 5, 40 Mono + 8 Stereo 2 x 12 Ch Sub Mixers, CD, DAT,MD, Multi-track. Clear-Com Matrix Plus3, Telephone Interfaces incl. GSM, Fax. 4 Radio Channels (IRL & UK).

To enquire about outside broadcast hire with Aontel, email:

Outside Broadcast